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Senator Nancy Ruth

Apart from being an appointed Senator, I take on a lot of other fun, interesting positions.

Did you know that...

  • I'm a United Church Minister by training!
  • I'm an activist! I'm an outspoken critic of poverty.
  • I'm a defender of peace, women's and girl's rights, water and the environment!
  • I'm an advocate of Canada's constitutional equality rights in public policy and institutions!
  • I'm a supporter of organizations devoted to civil, legal, economic, political and cultural rights for women and girls in all their diversity, and...
  • I am a woman who loves to dance, go to the theatre, kayak, and clown around!


Some Faves I Have Helped to Create and Run:

Some Boards I've Been On:





As a businesswoman, I have been involved with residential land development and environmental products and WTN TV.

As a politician, I ran in Ontario for the Progressive Conservatives in 1990 and 1993. In 1988 I ran for a federal nomination and lost, but I was appointed to The Senate in 2005.  

In 1993, I was an international observer from Canada during the United Nations-supervised elections in Cambodia. 

I have lived and worked in England, Indonesia, The Netherlands, USA, British Columbia and in Toronto since 1978.

Speeches and Activities:

Since my appointment:

My office has worked with the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women on the constitution in Ottawa, February 14 and 15, 2006.

I am currently a member of the Senate National Finance Committee. I am a member of the Parliamentary Friends of Burma, and other parliamentary groups. I am vice-chair of the Canada-UK Inter-Parliamentary Association.

I am working on changing the national anthem from "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command". I raise issues like gender-based analysis and women, peace, and security everywhere I go.


  • senator_nr_d.jpgI spoke at the Canadian Voice of Women, on ways in which the Senate can be used in their work promoting peace.
  • I spoke at Bishop Strachan Girls' School about rape by acquaintances.
  • I spoke at the Business Women Entrepreneurs Network about the life of a senator.
  • I spoke in Picton, Ontario, about activism and violence.
  • I spoke, in the context of Women's Studies and Law at the University of Carleton, about legal reform in defense of social interests.